Sound Experiments – New Approaches to Non-Formal Music Learning

is a two-year international educational project of experimental sound for youth. It is implemented by three European organizations who are active in the field of experimental music and sound art, as well as education for youth: KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis from Zagreb (Croatia), A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture from Bratislava (Slovakia) and Sonic Acts from Amsterdam (The Netherlands). 

The main project goal is to explore and develop alternative educational methods in the field of experimental music for youngsters, age 13 to 20. Unlike conventional music schools whose programme is based on traditional methods of teaching music, starting with scores and classical harmony, Sound Experiments puts an emphasis on listening, mutual sound research and co-creation among young participants and their mentors. It strives to offer a wider understanding of music and what music can be, by educating youth in the field of group improvisation, music creation in the digital environment, instrument creation, sound art, spatiality of the sound, as well as at the intersection of auditive and visual arts. 
Among other important goals, it focuses on encouraging creative and artistic liberty, establishing an alternative approach to music education, broadening youngsters’ auditive perception and encouraging their openness to the other and the different. 

The project is divided into six educational modules with workshops designed and led by musicians and sound artists experienced in working with kids and youth. Sound Experiments is realized through the support of EU’s  Erasmus+ programme.

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