Spatial Sound

The educational module ‘Spatial Sound’ deals with the physicality and spatial qualities of sound, as well as the creation of spatial sound artworks.
It is intended for youth between 16 and 20 years of age who are interested in experimental sound, audio recording, sound manipulation, electronic composition, and soundscapes creation. The module is organised as a cycle of sessions, bringing together experience, skills and knowledge from the field of spatial sound and field recording. The module offers theoretical insights, development of concepts and practical work related to listening processes, psychoacoustics, amplification and recording, field recording, audio editing, sound design and spatialization. The program includes outdoor listening exercises, soundwalks, field recording sessions and indoor studio work.
This manual to the module ‘Spatial Sound’ is intended for workshop leaders and educators who would like to teach spatial sound to young people. It describes the structure of the workshop, and includes background information, tips for teaching the workshop, as well as links to online resources.
Multimedia artist Davor Sanvincenti together with musician and producer Hrvoje Nikšić developed and led a month-long cycle of workshop sessions at KONTEJNER in 2022. While Sanvincenti focused on theoretical and conceptual issues, thought processes, listening exercises and psychoacoustics, Nikšić focused on the basics of physics and spatial sound features, introducing different types of microphones, recording devices and techniques, as well as the basics of sound editing and sound manipulation. Under their expert mentorship, the four participants of the workshop created a multichannel spatial sound composition.
Photo by Nikola Zelmanović

Davor Sanvincenti is a multimedia artist working in the field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture. He studied Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka and Visual arts at the European Design Institute in Milan (IED Milan). He developed his interests further during the Master Program Multimedia Programming and Sound engineering at Agon in Milan, and during a residency at the 4DSOUND Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest. He has presented his work on numerous exhibitions and festivals. As a guest lecturer on the topic of film and sound, he led workshops at the European Design Institute in Milan (IED Milan) in the field of sound and editing, a workshop ‘Film before film’ at The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and held a lecture titled ‘The Other Side of Music’ at the University of Zagreb, Academy of Music.

Photo by Matija Smuk

Hrvoje Nikšić is a composer, musician, producer and sound designer. He has been an active member of the Croatian alternative music scene for more than 25 years and is also the owner and director of the recording studio Kramasonik. As a composer and sound designer, he has worked on numerous projects including musical compositions for theatre, dance, radio dramas, films, and art installations. As a part of a group of composers, he received an award by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia for fostering Croatian music creation in 2008 in the category of Electronic music for a music composition premiered at the 25th Music Biennale in Zagreb.


photo: Sanja Bistričić Srića
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